Aftereat is a new, fresh, dynamic project.

The mission is to invade the world with personalized little boxes: people will go crazy searching, exchanging and collecting them.
A unique object dedicated to marketing and branding.
It is especially designed for the hospitality sector and is the ideal solution to communicate events, shows and presentations.
The Club will collect all Aftereat fans to generate a channel for collectors to be shared on social platforms.

A sweet, exclusive way of branding.

The Box


"A crunchy mint candy with a pure soft liquorice heart."

mentina /men-ti-na/

mentina s. f. [dim. of menta]. - Small sugar pill with mint essence flavour.

In Italian, short for "mint" • 1891.

Pill, candy, feeling good, social relations, conversation

Bad breath, garlic, stink, bad smell, loneliness

The Box
The Box


Outside: sugar (65%), rice starch, thickener: (gum arabic), maltodextrin, aromas.
Coating agent: carnauba wax. Coloured with: white E171. Inside (25%): liquorice, rice starch, maltodextrin, aromas. It may contain traces of: milk, soy lecithin, shell fruit, peanuts.

The Box

Material: satin aluminium

Not simply a box of "homemade" mints: it's a real business card and an advertising medium people will go crazy for. It can be stored as a small pocket-size container for business cards, pills, tickets and credit cards.

You can carry it with you while touring the world.

The Club will bring together all Aftereat fans to generate a channel for collectors to be shared on social channels.

At the same time, Aftereat will be a sort of small guide for what's "cool" in the world and will be displayed on the global mapping of all your customers.

Every crunchy mint will recall a specific place or person and all your emotions will be stored forever in your personal box.

The Box


On the front, the box has a rectangular area for the logo or brand image (silk-screening or label).

The customer's Web site will be printed on the left side and the box code will be shown on the right side of the box.

Aftereat is also a Club: to register, go to and enter the personal code shown on each box.

The Box
The Box
The Box
The Box

The paper

Material: semi-transparent paper

It's a business card in the business card: the semi-transparent paper contains the main information on the structure/activity advertised on the box.


Material: transparent glossy Plexiglas

Single display with logo
Plexiglas thickness: 0.60 cm

Double display with logo
Plexiglas thickness: 0.60 cm

The Box